The OÖ. Mozartensemble, founded by concertmaster Mag. Julia Maria Kürner in autumn 2015,  is motivated by a passion for professionally rendering Mozart’s works for audiences.
The musicians in the ensemble are all professionally immersed in the Austrian music world – playing in the Bruckner Orchestra Linz, working as teachers at Upper Austrian music schools, or performing as freelance artists.
The tradition of the Viennese sound, as well as rhetorically and historically informed performance is very important to the chamber orchestra.
The focus of the ensemble’s programming is on Mozart’s rich selection of works, but also on cooperations with choires. So there is close cooperation with Erwin Ortner, founder of the Schönberg Choir Vienna.
2021 the ensemble won the german Rock and Pop Prize for the best children‘s song album together with children‘s songwriter Mai Cocopelli.
They also produced film and sound recordings for a Korean advertising agency.
The OÖ. Mozartensemble operates in Austria and abroad.

Love, love, love
that is the soul of genius!

Mag. Julia Maria Kürner

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Mag. Hans Wadauer

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