The Upper Austrian Mozart Ensemble, founded by concertmaster Mag. Julia Maria Kürner in autumn 2015,  is motivated by a passion for professionally rendering Mozart’s works for audiences. The group not only offers performances of the highest artistic caliber, but does so in a way which is also affordable for event organizers.

The musicians in the ensemble are all professionally immersed in the Austrian music world – playing in the Bruckner Orchestra Linz, working as teachers at Upper Austrian music schools, or performing as freelance artists.

The ensemble does not play on historical instruments and, whenever possible (depending on the program and the complexity of the piece), performs without a conductor.

The focus of the ensemble’s programming is on Mozart’s rich selection of works—from chamber music to symphonies, instrumental concerts, masses and Mozart’s Requiem. In addition, the ensemble often performs repertoire written exclusively for strings (e.g., Vivaldi’s Four Seasons, Grieg’s Holberg Suite or Mozart’s Kleine Nachtmusik).

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Mag. Julia Maria Kürner

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Mag. Hans Wadauer

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